One Website to Promote #RollerSportsRevival

This is a free website filled with roller skating information worldwide... dedicated by skaters for skaters! Let's get our beloved sport into the Olympics because inline speed skating, freestyle, derby, hockey, figure skating are awesome on wheels, not just on ice! 

We need on your help to keep this free website going! Be a skating ambassador and let's achieve this monumental task together!



We list inline speed skating races INDOOR & OUTDOOR around the world in chronological order and put direct link to the events for your ease of participating. If you are an event organizer, contact us, to highlight your event.


We list (i) weekly recreational skating (ie: Friday Night Skate, which is popular around the world), (ii) weekly informal practices as well as (iii) annual skating events. You can get in touch with these groups through their Facebook Pages, it's a fun way of connecting with other skaters.



If you are just starting, contact us, we'll help you and  welcome you to our amazing skating community (family, really)!


We get stop by people while skating and many want to know more about it. So, we compiled here some of the best videos about our inline speed skating races and techniques made by elite skaters around the world. Some of our favorites are videos made by Pascal Briand, Viktor Thorup, Joey Mantia.

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