Skate Camps/Clinics


2020 March 8 & 14 (duration varies)

63rd Inline Camp M and 65th Inline Camp L in Cyprus

 Anniversary weekend in Aldiana Cyprus

Here you are human, far from the pressure to perform and expectation, let yourself drift, enjoy the joy of movement. The coaching team is prepared for you, the hotel complex of the Aldiana Cyprus offers you everything that makes your heart beat faster.

  • Technique training in the morning

  • Skate tours through the picturesque landscape

  • Mirror training and video analysis

  • Anniversary weekend in Aldiana Cyprus

  • Meeting of contemporary witnesses & designers

Aldiana, Cyprus


6-7 March 2020

Botero Training Series Clinic #4

Speed Skating Clinic Series with Jorge Botero.


Our event is going to be part of the practice with the teams that train there so in that way we don’t need to reserve the track only for the event. Cost of the clinic is $50 per person.

We will be doing training Friday 6pm to 8 pm and Saturday 8:45am all the way to 12:30pm. March 6th and 7th.

Florida, USA

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2020 June 5-9, 12-16, 19-23

SkateFarm w/ Eddy

Participants try to arrive and get settled the Thursday evening prior to Day 1, and sleep over after Day 5 on Tuesday night, departing Wednesday.


SkateFarm Thailand
SkateFarm has a second venue that operates during the winter and spring months in Thailand. Please go to for more information. 

Virginia, USA


LAST ONE 4-10 August 2019

Sk8Camp w/ Coach Sooty

Sorry you missed it... but thank you Coach Sooty for publishing your video tutorial for all skaters who want  to improve their speed skating techniques.

"Improving technique is essential in inline speedskating. In Sk8skool we break the technique down in to component parts, working on ONE aspect at a time, then building it back up again when errors are fixed... It’s important to watch my video demo a few mins before you do the drill. This is called “mental modelling”.

All of us championing the website would like to share this amazing resource.  Happy improving!

Denmark, now ONLINE


2020 July 7-12

Camp Skate IA 2020

Camp Skate IA 2020 is a two day event and is an annual camp offered to skaters at all levels (except brand new beginners) It is designed for skaters who want to expand what is possible on skates.

While CAMP is not designed for those who want to become instructors, there is an opportunity starting Sunday night for those wishing to get certified, to take a certification.


Check out the website for full schedule July 7-12, 2020.

Wisconsin, USA


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Skate Camps/Clinics

Are you planning to host skating camp/clinic, let us know. We'd be happy to announce it to the skating community.

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