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Inline Skating Race in Madeira, Portugal including Tour of the Island for an Unbelievable Price!

"VII International Tournament“Biosfera Roller Skate" 20-21 September 2019 at Madeira, Portugal

Excerpt below from the full article at http://www.biosfera-rollerskate.com/en/the-race/

The “VII Biosfera Roller Skate” is an International Speed ​​Skating Tournament that takes place in the magnificent island of Madeira, the final event of the season where athletes mode can associate the adrenaline of competition, with the discovery of the fantastic places on our island and also the various entertainments prepared for you.

The organization ensures excellent condition at very attractive prices through the creation of pack’s that includes food, transportation, participation in the tournament, overnights. Ensuring everyone who wants to visit us excellent conditions for participation.

Tournament to be held over 2 days,  September 20th, 21th 2019,  the event will be held at the beautiful track 200 meters at the mouth of the river Faial – Santana.

An event for all ages, from the kids to Masters.

Apart from the competitive aspect of the event there will be a tour of the island and an official party event where you will not miss good disposition and a lot of fun.