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'Tis the Season to Roll from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv?

Congratulations to TAR (Tel Aviv Rollers) for celebrating 20 years of skating!

TAR, Tel Aviv Rollers, is a weekly skating event. A skating group that in the past 20 years is "hitting the roads" of Tel Aviv and the neighbor cities every Tuesday night. The event is open to everyone who can skate (and break safely). We meet every Tuesday night at 21:45, in "Habima Square" in Tel-Aviv and we start rolling around 22:05.

Every first Tuesday of the month we are having a "friendly TAR" (the Hebrew translation also mean "social"), ~18km route, not too fast, no downhills at all, and very few climbs. Suitable for skaters who didn't yet master their breaking technique.

All other Tuesday nights of the month we are having a "standard TAR" which is ~25km, slightly faster, and no limitation on climbs and downhills.

Thank you, Michael Yakobi, for sharing this!