Skating Ambassadors & CLUBS

Hey skaters, this section is dedicated for all us to share our 'wisdom' in skating, maybe tips where to stay at a race, where to park to start skating in some awesome stretch, what gear to use for rainy weather etc. or maybe you know skating ambassador/s that should be included here.

Inline Talk with Mr Rogers

Facebook public group about inline speed skating.


Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollers Skate Club

Atlanta's oldest and best club for inline skating ("rollerblading") and outdoor road skating, since 1979. 


Speed Skate World

Facebook public group of "All that is good in speed skating- roller, inline, ice- short track & long track"


National Skate Patrol

 We are a network of proficient volunteers who help skaters to better coexist with motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and other street and trail users.